need help writing a 15 page research project featuring a strategic analysis of the starbucks corporation

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attached are 3 files
1. guidelines for paper
2. a sample paper to see how paper should be written
3. my term paper draft of the starbucks corporation

what i need to write:
write and submit a research project featuring a strategic analysis of a corporation. this project will incorporate strategic models introduced throughout the course and will demonstrate the student’s ability to understand and properly apply strategic concepts to an ongoing business concern. parameters and guidelines for the strategic assessment are as follows:
the student must apply strategic analysis models to the chosen firm.
situational analysis of the firm should include:
o a brief overview of the firm, including a mission/vision analysis
o internal analysis of strengths and weaknesses, including a relevant financial analysis
o external analysis of firm opportunities threats
industry analysis using porter’s five forces or other relevant model.
net assessment and critique of the viability and strategic potential of the firm’s current strategy, or an elucidation and evaluation of the strategic alternatives available for recommendation by the student.

and please no plagiarism!!!!
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