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women's roles, historically and emerging, at home and abroad -- in leadership roles is a fabulous topic. don't neglect the incredibly rich history of african american women who defied all odds to start their own incredibly successful businesses. necessity is the mother of invention.

in addition to who and what, be sure to look at how and why issues.

there is a definable pattern of women in leadership from an historical perspective. i can't recall anyone identifying it clearly and writing about it before but it is definitely there.

for this paper, you will identify and research a topic and write a 20 page paper that focuses on the role of leadership and consequences to organizational behavior and performance.

when compiling your final submission, make sure that your paper addresses global/international dimensions.

be sure to address the following in your paper:

what is the current state of knowledge about the impact of your chosen topic on organizational behavior across international boundaries?
what do we know about us, chinese, indian, european, african, latin american workers?
what is consistent and conflicting in practices and outcomes?
focus your reading on research rather than opinions.

in your paper, be sure to do the following:

write a clear and concise introduction that explains the scope and purpose of your research. this should be no more than one page.
present a clear and logical explanation of the academic research on this topic, focused on the last 20 years. start with an outline of your paper and fill in the details so that your paper flows and is readable. include research that disagrees with your opinion as well as that which supports it.
the summary should concisely present the overall assessment of the literature reviewed. if applicable, a "future research needed" may be included before the summary.
include a cover page and abstract. your paper should be in times new roman 12-point font, with a 1.5 inch left margin and a 1 inch top, bottom and right margin. the header is the running head and the footer should include your name, course number, and page number.
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