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a bradford protein assay was performed on a unknown preparation. a set of bsa standard solutions was used to construct a standard curve. the volume of each standard solution assayed was 100ul. the volume of diluted proteinoid and diluted amino acid control assayed was also 100ul each. the absorbances of the standards and diluted unknown are given below:

concentration absorbance
0 mg bsa 0 .00
5 mg bsa 0 .275
10 mg bsa 0.560
1:20 unknown sample dilution 0.260

answer the following questions on excel and download the file to blackboard.
a. construct a graph using excel. be sure to follow the proper format for titles and labels. b. include the slope formulation.
c. how much unknown is in one ml of the diluted (1:20) unknown (show all work)? d. what is the concentration of the undiluted unknown (show all work)?
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