new website design and construction .....

Project Description:

looking for a programmer and designer who can design and program our website

want a website where users can create a account and admin can allow which users can access what content on the website

also ability to accept new sign ups to the website.

want website to collect all email address and link them to a mailing list for bulk email blast

paypal integration to accept payments

website needs to be made in a format where the admin can make changes to the content easily and on its own

for example.

in the website there will be content such as videos, newsletter, and much more and only users who purchase or enroll in that content through the website are allowed to view it from their account

people who do not purchase should not be able to receive the content.

admin can allow or chose which users receive what content in their account

apart from this, rest of the website is pretty static text/image based, for which we will provide content
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