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this is a class about nutrition and culture. answer following questions in a word file , each should be (((100 words)) and mention your source please. and also write the questions and answers together.

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fish is a very healthy food. what does fish contain that promotes good health? list three health benefits to eating fish. although fish is a healthy food, it should be limited to no more than 2-3 fish meals per week. why?


fish is an important dish to people who like to eat it or who are watching what they intake. it has become very easy to get your hands on various species of fish. consuming fish provides the body with an huge amount of protein which is good for someone who is working out or watching their figure. fish also have a very lower amount of calories which makes it a popular dish. it is a very versatile item to work with and can be cooked in many different ways. different types of fish contain oils which is why there is fish oil pills, these pills and eating fish in general can help with blood pressure and keep the blood from clotting. also, there is omega 3 fatty acids which helps to regulate the body's inflammation cycle. recent studies have shown that eating fish can also help with depression due to the fact that it raised levels of serotonin in the brain. although there are many benefits to eating fish there is also one consequence that can lead to serious health issues. since there is merucy in the skin and meat of fish consuming too much too soon can cause a person to get mercury poisoning. this can lead to problems in the brain and other organs which can lead to death is not dealt with early.



1. pick a cultural practice/custom common to the african culture that you find especially interesting/unique. describe the practice/custom and explain why you chose it.
2. what are some african american staples that are unfamiliar with but might want to try?
3. hypertension is a significant health problem for african americans. please review african american food intake, cooking methods, food habits and cultural background and propose some reasons for the high rates of hypertension.
4. what are some reasons why dairy is uncommon in african american diets?
ch 9
1. in your opinion, has the traditional foods of mexicans and central americans made an impact on american cooking, american fast foods and american dishes? in what way?

2. on page 232, you can see the scoville scale of hotness for selected chili peppers. please explain the popular theory, as found in your textbook, as to why chiles are so pleasurable to eat. in addition, please explain the health benefits from eating chiles.

3.i have noticed that many mexican fast food dishes are smothered in cheese. is the of cheese an american addition or do mexicans eat a lot of cheese in their dishes?

4.beans are very popular in mexican and central american meals. beans by themselves are not complete proteins. please explain what beans need to be combined with in order to be a complete protein. what are the main functions of protein in our body? which groups of people in the population have a higher protein need and why?

5.are you the kind of person that loves very hot foods? if so, what very hot food is your favorite?
if you don't like hot foods, tell us why.

ch 10

1. there is foods that are common in south america. after reviewing them, i found many of them uncommon in america. choose one food that you think is most uncommon, and then find a recipe for it. have fun with it and then share with us.

2.mate' is a caffeinated beverage that is gaining popularity in the usa. anyone drink it? if so, please share your experience.

3. many people in rural south america have parasites. it sounds disgusting but there is a a health benefit to having a parasite.
please tell us what the health benefit is and the health problem is with having parasites.

4.caribbean-hispanic familes seem to have a genetic tendency toward developing metabolic syndrome.
please explain what metabolic syndrome is, and what health condition it may lead to.

5 select one stuffed food, describe the food, which country it is popular in and identify what it is stuffed with. then list a favorite stuffed food of your own.

ch 11

1. "japanese ingredients, as well as cooking and eating utensils, are very similar to those of the chinese.... yet japanese food preparation are unique".
please read how japanese people prepare and present their food (pg 324) and discuss the benefits from these habits on health, digestion, and eating experience.

2. "a major difference between chinese medicine and us biomedicine is the idea that the body and mind are unified, governed by the heart" "emotions are often somaticized, meaning that feelings are related to certain conditions."
in your opinion what are some physical diseases/conditions that are brought on or made worse by emotions? seems to me that east asian countries are heavy in the vegetables, and lighter on fruits.

which vegetables are commonly eaten in these countries? how are they prepared?
4. the japanese are one of the healthiest populations in the world. what are some of the reasons for this?

5. tea seems to be the most popular beverage. what are other popular beverages?

ch 12

1. hawaiian data indicate that life expectancy for hawaiians is lower than that for whites and asians living in the state. (p. 385)
which cultural, dietary, environmental, nutritional factors in your opinion, could explain this dismal rate? please explain your answer.

2. one of the principles of filipino cooking is frying garlic in olive oil or lard.
what are some health conditions garlic can be used for?

3.nearly all babies are breast-fed in mainland southeast asis for periods of about one year.
compare this to the length of time americans babies are breastfed and then describe the health benefits of breastfeeding as opposed to bottle feeding of formula? include both the short term and long term health benefits for the baby and mom.

4. rice is a very important component of southeast asian meals. what kind of rice is more popular there? brown rice or white rice? which are benefits to eating brown rice? to eating white rice?

5. a popular food in the pacific islands is the coconut. is this a healthy food or not?

ch 13

1. the people of the balkans and middle east eat a whole array of plants.( by plants i mean fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains, herbs, spices, coffee, tea, wine, dark chocolate.)
pick any two plants that are popular in these regions.
tell us what these plants contain that make them healthy.
what are some reasons why eating a variety of plants is beneficial?

2. what are some foods in this chapter that you find especially delicious?

3. eggplant is the most popular vegtable in the middle east and greece. what are some eggplant recipes you enjoy?

4. fresh milk is not widely consumed in the balkans or middle east. instead, milk is fermented into yogurt or cheese.
what is the reason for this?

5. coffee: healthy or not?


1. your textbook states that, "asian indians have increased amounts of visceral fat, even in non obese persons". (p. 450)
please explain what visceral fat is and the health implications of having visceral fat?
what are some ways to decrease visceral fat?

2. south asians have a very high rate of diabetes type 2. the culture of south asians seem to lead them down the path toward developing this health problem.
in 100 words or more, please identify some of the cultural reasons for the high rates of type 2 diabetes in southeast asians.

3. curries are popular in india. what is the definition of a curry, what kinds of ingredients are used in a curry and what are
the health benefits of eating curried foods?

ch 15

1. the "taste of place" is described on page 461 of your book. read about "taste of place" and then describe in at least 100 words, your "taste of place". please be creative and interpret this term in any way that resonates with you. please explain the foods you have chosen and why.

2. please share with the class something you found particularly noteworthy and interesting regarding foods in the regional americas. post something that will provide "food for thought" for the class.

3. what is considered ameria's first junk food?

4. america is certainly known for its unhealthy foods like hot dogs, pizza, fries, burgers, but are there any healthy foods america does well?

5. what are some reasons why new englanders ( people who lice in boston and coneectituct and hode island) are considered more healthy than the us average?
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