oedipus the king

Project Description:

using the poem oedipus the king (attached) answer each question in a thorough paragraph. give examples (lines or scenes) to support your answers.

1. imagery is important in the development of this play. explain (with examples) how the following images influence the play.

a .fire and water

b. “ship of state”

c blindness and sight

2. discuss three examples of “warnings” oedipus receives before he discovers the truth

3. discuss oedipus as a “tyrant figure.” what is a tyrant figure?

4. what is oedipus’ tragic flaw”?

5. discuss the role that irony plays in revealing the truth about oedipus. identify specific examples of irony in the play.

6. discuss the role of justice by citing three examples from the play.

7. which character appeals to you the most? why?

8. which character appeals to you the least? why?

9-10. there are many themes developed in this play. select two of the following and explain how they are exhibited and developed in the play. give examples from the play.

uncertainty of human destiny

the role of fate

spiritual bankruptcy of the state

excessive power and pride

the search for final truth

sacrifice and salvation

wisdom through suffering
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