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must be done in 2 hours.
•submit a 1 to 2 page essay covering the questions listed below for each of the 2 scenarios.1

◦answer questions 1 to 4 for scenario 1.
◦and answer the same questions for scenario 2.

•in addition to the 1 to 2 page essay, include a title page and reference page.
•use apa essay style.
•use your book to tie in concepts from the readings in your analysis.

today, online chat tools are often used as customer service communication vehicles. in this task, you will review two simulated online chat scenarios (provided below) and discuss your findings.

read the 2 scenarios below. then use the simulated chats to answers these 4 questions:
1.what unspoken need was the customer sending to the service provider? well did the service provider do in identifying the customer’s issues or needs?
3.specifically, what did the service provider do or say to address the customer’s need or issue?
4.what could the service provider have done differently to improve service or satisfy the customer?
scenario 1

a customer has a mortgage payment due on the first day of each month. in the past, payday was on the 10th and the 25th; however, he/she started a new job and now gets paid on the 15th and 30th of each month. the customer is requesting assistance via the online help desk.

customer: hello. i was hoping you could help me with my situation?
mortgage company employee: hi. please explain to me what your situation is and maybe we can help.
customer: well, i’ve started a new job and my paydays have changed to the 15th and the 30th of every month. i’m concerned i won’t make my mortgage payment on time.
mortage company employee verifies personal account information.
mortgage company employee: i think we can help you. it looks like you payments are due on the 1st of every month. i can ask my manager if we can move the due date to the 10th of every month so that you aren’t late making your payment. (employee goes to consult with their manager. employee returns within 10 minutes.) good news, it looks we can move the due date. hope it works for you and congratulations on your new job.
customer: i cannot thank you enough for working with me. it means so much to me that your company cares for people like me. thank you again!

scenario 2

you work in a customer care center as an online customer representative. a customer contacts you because he or she just placed an order on your company’s website but forgot to enter a coupon code for free shipping that he/she received in the mail last week. his/her credit card had already been charged for the shipping when the order was sent.
online customer representative: hello. thank you for contacting sparkle enterprises. how can i help you this afternoon?
customer: hi. i just submitted an order on your website and forgot to use my coupon code for free shipping. i am a great and loyal customer. i order from your website frequently.
online customer representative: i am sorry, however, once you submit an order it is complete and there is nothing i can do to add your coupon code. sorry.
customer: are you sure? can you ask your manager or a supervisor?
online customer representative: i don’t think he would be any help because we have a policy that states once an order is completed there is no going back to change it. sorry.
customer: i would like to speak to your supervisor, please.
online customer representative: i am sorry; we do not have a supervisor available to speak with you at this time.
customer: can you please help me? i’ve been a loyal customer for many years and have always recommended your website store to all my friends and family.
online customer representative: i am so sorry, but i cannot do anything to assist you at this time.
customer: that’s fine, but you have just lost my business as a loyal customer.
online customer representative: thank you for contacting sparkle enterprises, and please shop with us again!
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