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this project is specifically for people who cant afford heating their homes and we assist them paying their heating bills. in order to do that we need to make a great catalogue and application that looks attractive enough to make people to volunteer.
a lot o people suffer every winter from feeling cold and we need to change that.

this logo represent families and love. inside of these homes we need to think about family, kids and love. the heart represent love and the orange color represent heat. this logo has so much characteristic looking. i tried to match the font with the illustration to make it more balanced.
when people see this logo the first they will think about is spreading love in people house mostly with families who have kids.

only fix these sentences please:
this 3d application should contain a billboard with a tank under it. this billboard is an abstraction painting that represent heat level from cool to hot. this means that whenever people will donate they will raise the heat. and when they do that a lot of people will feel warm and happy.
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