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hal associates is a strategy consulting firm that divides its consultants into three classes: associates, managers, and partners. the firm has been stable in size for the last 30 years, ignoring growth opportunities in the 90s, but also not suffering from a need to downsize in the recession at the beginning of the 21st century. specifically, there have been – and are expected to be – 200 associates, 60 managers, and 20 partners.

the work environment at hal is rather competitive. after four years of working as an associate, a consultant goes “either up or out”; that is, becomes a manager or is dismissed from the company. similarly, after working as a manager for six years, a manager either becomes a partner or is dismissed. the company recruits mbas as associates; no hires are made at the manager or partner level.

q4. how many new mba graduates does hal have to hire every year?

q5. what is the probability (in %) that a new hire at hal will become a manager (as opposed to being dismissed after 4 years of working as an associate)?

q6. every year 2 managers are promoted to partner level. how many years on average does a partner stay in the company? - 10
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