optimal pricing of central florida theme park tickets

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economic research paper
students will submit a research paper exploring the optimal pricing of theme park tickets, particularly in central florida. the paper will be at least 15 pages long double spaced. it will contain a title page, abstract,toc and reference pages and be in apa format. the paper will be 25% of you course grade. it will be submitted through turnitin—a plagiarism checker. a zero will be given for a similarity given for a similarity score of over 50%. no more than 30% of the paper can be quotes.
1. research paper. eighty percent (80%) of papers grade will come from its content
1.1 thesis and introduction. clear, logical defensible central augment in an introductory paragraph that explains the paper. 15%.
1.2 conclusion. summary of your arguments and concluding arguments about the paper. for instance, did you raise new ideas? 10%.
1.3 use of examples. proving you points through the use of economically sound economic theories principles and concepts. 50%.
1.4 narrative and english usage. how well the paper tells a story through the use of sources and standard english (spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax, no contractions) foot/endnoting, bibliography when applicable. 25%

2. research. twenty percent (20%) of the grade will come from demonstrating college-level use of sources, e.g., books/monographs, primary sources and journal articles—most of which can be accessed the lrc’s data base collection. it must have at least five high quality journal articles and/or books as reference—not including the ones i gave. points will be deducted for using inappropriate or not including peer reviewed journal articles.
warning! a turnitin similarity score greater than a 50% will result in a zero for the task. the research paper will contribute 25% to course grade. no extensions!
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