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this project will address the organizational development approach needed to effectively address a problem (current or past). the paper will address your proposed plan to engage an organization in solving a organizational problem or an assessment of a planned change initiative that has occurred. the plan must also include a description of the implementation process and how the change should be managed. an evaluation component should be included which measures whether the approach and the implementation solved the problem, the list of sections of the paper and their headings are below...

this progect is due 14 hours from this post and is a minimum of 8 pages

the paper should address these issues: (sub-headings are appropriate)

1. introduction: describe your organization and the goals of that organization.
summary of company, homogeneous or not? diverse?
2. problem: define and describe the problem
policy change?
3. diagnosis: describe where the problem is located in the organization and how you might analyze the organization.
identify a diagnosis,
what level is it at in the company?
is it a group or organizational problem?
organizational=strategic or cultural intervention
4. data collection: describe the data you will need and how it will be collected. need to have at least 2 things that will assess the problem correctly and at the correct level.
surveys? assessing strategies
interviews with employees for feedback? controlled? concurrent feedback? feedback after issue occurred
observing the process while task is being done…using the kurt lewin model
5. intervention and change management plan: describe an appropriate intervention (method of delivery) based on your learning from this course which addresses the diagnosis of the problem. there needs to be logical link from the problem through the diagnosis to the intervention. examples of types of intervention can be team building, performance management, culture change, training, etc.).
reference malcolm bridges and everett rogers
maybe you need mediation…smaller groups?
job enrichment?
human relation issues?
redesign jobs?
6. implementation plan: describe in detail the strategies and activities which will enable you to implement your intervention. include management approaches to dealing with change. you should also include a plan which describes the types of behaviors the change agent and allies will need to demonstrate to make the plan successful. what will you do to overcome resistance?
7. evaluation: how will you know when the results you seek have been obtained? how might you evaluate progress toward your goal? what help will you need to do this?
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