organizational behavior

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3. explain communication openness and its relationship to dialogue. specify the contextual factors that influence openness in interpersonal communication, and comment on the level of communication openness and dialogue that could be expected to occur in the following scenario. be sure to clarify any assumptions that you make in developing your answer.
elisa is about to enter a meeting with her boss, thomas, to ask why she was not granted a merit raise during this year's round of salary increases. elisa believes that relatively few employees received a merit raise in addition to the across-the-board cost of living adjustment, though several of her coworkers apparently received the merit increase. she strongly feels that her performance justified one of the few available merit raises. however, she has heard rumors that the company has altered its pay policies in anticipation of a merger with their major competitor. the relationship between elisa and thomas goes back almost five years, and has generally been good, usually demonstrating trust and candor.
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