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hello christine,

i'm soo upset because this question 3 was not answered the way it should be and because of that, i lost the course this month. i trusted you but this is the response i got from school about the result:

you didn’t address the question. you spent most of the time talking about the company asda plc and while its ok to discuss how the question relates to an actual company, you didn’t answer the other questions, but spent more time doing an analysis of asda plc - which we have no background on as relates to who or what this company is.

rather than focusing on one company please re- read the question and answer the questions below. the question can be broken down into 7 questions (see below).

1. compare the concepts of organizational behavior reviewing the roles of change, power, diversity, and the concepts of team and hierarchical organization structure.
2. how does communication fit into a virtual organization and what role does the manager play in developing objectives and directing the effort of individuals in the organization.
3. what role does human resources (hr) play in the overall health of the organization and where can hr help in achieving organization goals.
4. evaluate types of organizations fit best for a global industrial business, consumer retail business, a service based enterprise, a design development company, and an engineering contract firm.
5. critique the major aspects that must be considered in designing a well-balanced company structure to meet competition.
6. judge and elaborate on what organization concepts are new and emerging trends that companies must consider for the future.
7. finally assess new concepts to attract, recruit, and retain best talent to meet the demand of the enterprise.

also, be sure to watch your grammar and spelling.
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