organizational model for starbucks

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read attached case study. answer the following questions.

format: this task should follow these formatting guidelines: 250 to 500 words, double spacing, 12-point times new roman font, one-inch margins, and citations in apa format.

a. evaluate the paradigm shift from pre-modern (industrial) to this postmodern organizational perspective to identify any current ideas applicable to the starbuck's case study in shifting from a task-oriented perceived culture to a people oriented culture. is this a growing trend in organizations today? is the external culture (e.g. customers) becoming expectant to these behavioral changes?
b. what assumptions related to postmodern organizational theory applies to the starbuck's case study. are the needs shifting to not allow for the pre-modern organizational model? is there an assumption both internal and external in the ‘correct’ organizational model, if so, what are the perceptions and behaviors that drive this? what cultural shifts have occurred that are influencing these assumptions and expectations?
c. postmodern theory involves the human aspect of an organization. organizational theory has evolved over the last several decades, beginning at an industrial perspective which was a mass production focus to this postmodern theory where such leadership focus is on servant leadership, collaborative leadership, and others. this postmodern theory involves a more people-centric dynamic that draws upon the resource of its human capital. so if the postmodern theory is about the human capital within an organization does the case study conflict or agrees with the postmodern theory?
d. what organizational model/structure would you select for the new vision of the starbuck's ceo?
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