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please and absolutely no plagiarism !!! 250 to 300 world for each question.
certo, s. & certo, t. (2012). modern management: concepts and skills (12th ed.). upper saddle river: pearson/prentice hall. isbn-13#: 9780132176316

1.describe in scholarly detail the characteristics of a responsible manager and explain the method used to determine the degree of responsibility a manager possesses.
2.testing is examining human resources for qualities relevant to performing available jobs. although many different kinds of tests are available for organizational use, they generally can be divided into many categories. to explore this, discuss in scholarly detail different types of tests used by organizations during the selection process of employees?
3.what is the "human resource inventory"? what are the different human resource inventory records maintained by an organization? discuss in scholarly detail!!
4.what is organizational change? do you think change is important to organizations? explain your answer in scholarly detail!!
5.discuss in scholarly detail a topic for your final paper and write a 2-3 paragraph description of its importance to the field of management? (note: review module 9 for details on the final paper and expectations)
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