organizing information for a brochure

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this information for an insurance brochure needs to have the ideas grouped logically into an outline. using
the following information, prepare an outline, paying attention to the appropriate hierarchy of ideas. if
necessary, rewrite the phrases to make them all consistent.
accident protection insurance plan
coverage is only pennies a day
benefit is $100,000 for accidental death on common carrier
benefit is $100 a day for hospitalization as result of motor vehicle or common carrier accident
benefit is $20,000 for accidental death in motor vehicle accident
individual coverage is only $17.85 per quarter; family coverage is just $26.85 per quarter
no physical exam or health questions
convenient payment–billed quarterly
guaranteed acceptance for all applicants
no individual rate increases
free, no-obligation examination period
cash paid in addition to any other insurance carried
covers accidental death when riding as fare-paying passenger on public transportation, including
buses, trains, jets, ships, trolleys, subways, or any other common carrier
covers accidental death in motor vehicle accidents occurring while driving or riding in or on
automobile, truck, camper, motor home, or nonmotorized bicycle.

submission requirements:
submit your response in a word document.
use arial, 12-point font.
use outline format.
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