othello, the moor of venice

Project Description:

answer each question thoroughly in substantial paragraphs. give examples (lines or scenes) to support your answers.

1. discuss iago’s motive for planning othello’s ruin.

2. analyze desdemona’s character from two points of view: the world of the play and the world today.

3. discuss the techniques iago uses to manipulate others.

4. analyze othello’s statement that he was a man who “loved not wisely but too well.”

5. how does cassio and his personality affect the outcome of the play?

6. how is the theme of jealousy used throughout the play?

7. what roles or functions do the characters of roderigo and bianca serve in this play?.

8. what are the views of adultery of othello, iago, emilia, and desdemona?

9. what is a tragic figure? is iago one? explain.

10. other than jealousy, what is another major theme of this play? defend your answer with examples from the play.
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