outsourcing and jobs

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in this task, you will discuss the pros of outsourcing to the company and the cons to american workers. with the shift in recent years to a more global economy and job force, have you become a victim of this practice? use a company you have worked for as an example in this discussion.

1.discuss the considerations management had to deal with in making this decision. were the benefits worth the cost (unemployed americans, lowered sales)? has outsourcing impacted family members, friends, or your community

suggested readings;

lippman, r. (2012). tech jobs trends: signaling a period of sustainable innovation? the motley fool. [web]

murthy, s. (2004). the impact of global it outsourcing on it providers. communications of ais, 2004(14), 543-557. [jones e-global library®]

wright, b. (2009). employment trends and training in information technology. occupational outlook quarterly, 53(1), 34-41. [jones e-global library®]
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