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this is internation marketing project i need you to write 7 pages the details would be

industry shipments of packaging machinery continue to grow at approximately 6% per year to $4.5 billion in 2012. the packaging machinery industry is being increasingly globalized as industrialization and agribusiness spread throughout the world, creating new needs and markets for packaging. there are no international standards for packaging machinery. u.s. manufacturers export about 25% of their production and are striving to expand their international presence. the u.s. packaging machinery industry consists of about 650 companies, mainly small and medium-sized highly specialized businesses that are mostly privately held. the president has requested the senior executive vice president to meet with him to determine the best way to maximize international opportunities. after the meeting the senior executive realized the enormity of his challenge to develop a roadmap to increase international sales to 25% from the current 15% including an organization structure that would support this growth in a written report over the next five years. he has requested a five-year international plan detailed in a written report this is an idea for the whole project i will have to do only part of it
the outline in the attachment

as you see my prat is the one with yellow color which is
najji: brazil: demographic/physical environment:

najji: political environment:

najji: economic environment:

najji: cultural/social environment:

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