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order of service for holocaust remembrance day

on april 17th, i attended the eleventh annual holocaust remembrance day at unh. i was amazed at the atrocities suffered by jews during world war ii. we heard a speaker, herman sheppard, talk about his experiences during that time. mr. sheppard described how he became the sole provider for his family in 1939, after his father was arrested by the nazis for being an “agitator”.
not long afterward, mr. sheppard was sent to a series of forced labor camps, where he had to survive many hardships, and see many friends killed. he was finally set free in 1949, at which point he came to the us to become a chicken farmer in connecticut.
mr. sheppard ended up being very successful with business ventures, even becoming a partner in the first connecticut greyhound racetrack. i was glad to hear that mr. sheppard was able to turn his life around after so much suffering. i don’t know that i could have made that much of myself after suffering so much and seeing my friends and family killed at such an early age.


can you write the same for this paper but change the words and the format and also make it look like a different paper?
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