paper (final comprehensive) employee training and development

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business graduate student needs assistance to completing task.
paper: final comprehensive – employee training and development
due by: 12 october 2015
you have just been appointed as the chairperson of the president's council on training and
development for corporations in the united states. the task given to you by the president is
to give direction and guidance to businesses that are in the process of establishing a training and
development department, or those who would like to improve the effectiveness of their current
training and development departments.

the president has requested a meeting with you to better understand your master plan for training
and development departments. he has asked that you submit your recommendation in the form of a
letter prior to your meeting. your task is to write a recommendation to the president of the united
states. your goal is: to impress the president with your knowledge and vision in the training and
development field to influence him to agree with your philosophy of training and development
to influence him to approve your recommendation. your letter should clearly state your
recommendation, provide solid justification for your recommendation, and include high quality
information. think about best practices that could apply to any business regardless of their size or

this report should be written using the apa format, including cover page, citations, references
page, etc. see paper writing details below. detailed paper specifications: student papers will be
constructed to the following specifications and turned in per the schedule:
double spaced, one inch margins four sides
font size 12 times new roman
references as intext citations and listed in reference list at end of paper
final paper size (5 + 1 pages)
paper writing specifications: technical correctness of your writing is important. this includes
spelling, punctuation, and syntax.
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