paper for evidence based practice in nursing

Project Description:

the purpose of this initial paper is to briefly describe your search strategies when identifying two articles that pertain to an evidence-based practice topic of interest.

topic of interest: causes of central line associated bloodstream infections

the paper will include the following.
a. clinical question
a. describe problem
b. significance of problem in terms of outcomes or statistics
c. your picot question in support of the group topic
d. purpose of your paper
b. levels of evidence
a. type of question asked
b. best evidence found to answer question
c. search strategy
a. search terms
b. databases used (you may use google scholar in addition to the library databases; start with the library)
c. refinement decisions made
d. identification of two most relevant articles
d. format
a. correct grammar and spelling
b. use of headings for each section
c. use of apa format (sixth edition)
d. page length: three to four pages
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