perform an individual work to propose, design, simulate and document a vlsi project using electric cad tool; three examples of acceptable projects are given

Project Description:

perform an individual work to propose, design, simulate and document a vlsi project using electric cad tool. three examples of acceptable projects are given.

project summary

the project will be implemented based on the following schedules/activities:

briefing on the project.

discuss and obtain the approval from the evaluator for the proposed project.

describe the project specification.

note: vending machine-based project proposal will not be accepted.

simulate the project using the cad tool.

the final demonstration of the project will be assessed based on the specification proposed.

the project will have a maximum of 15 minutes presentation on slides plus additional q&a.

formats for the report:

the report must include the followings:

1. introduction, project specification, design, simulation, analysis, conclusion and references.
2. the design chapter must emphasize on the design thought process. this is the primary avenue to demonstrate design and troubleshooting capabilities to achieve what is proposed in the specification despite all the technical and non-technical challenges.
3. the simulation chapter must demonstrate the functionalities of each block and the overall circuit. some key results should be presented in the timing graphs, and these graphs must be labelled properly. the high volume data should be summarized in a table.
4. the analysis chapter must document the performance of the designs using the following parameters: functionalities, delay/speed, area, power consumption and other relevant parameters
5. the report must also include the overall layout that label specific blocks of the overall project, and the total area being utilised.
6. the conclusion should highlight any insights and interesting lessons that may have learnt after completing this project.
the report must be very concise, not more than 15 pages.
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