permanent and fiduciary funds powerpoint presentation

Project Description:

review the cafr obtained in week one. review the types of fiduciary funds used by the government entity which is gilbert, arizona.

prepare a new power point presentation for the new board members. the presentation should be between 8 to 10 slides and include the following:
*a description of the purpose, types, and characteristics of fiduciary funds.
*a description of the purpose of a permanent fund and how it differs from fiduciary funds.
*a list and description of the fiduciary (trusts and agency) funds that your entity actually uses, including the dollar amount of each fund.
*an explanation of the purpose and components of the comprehensive annual financial report (cafr)

note: the grading guide is attached which covers the purpose and more intricate details of the task. it's a continuation from last week as well. if you need more sources, just let me know.
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