personal finance

Project Description:

1. review chapters 8 and 9 of the new master your money.
2. ron blue has a website designed to provide assistance and resources for anyone interested in learning more about what the bible says about finances. go to
a. click on the "answers" tab at the top of the page. then click on the bucket entitled "lifestyle.”
b. scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find eight short videos (all are less than three minutes) on the subject of stewardship, beginning with the title "what is stewardship?"
c. after watching the videos, take a few minutes to explore the resources available on this website can be very helpful to you as you prepare your personal financial plans throughout this course and beyond.
3. write a one to two page paper expressing in your own words:
a. what is the essence of the idea of biblical stewardship?
b. as you discuss the concept of stewardship, explain how the concept of stewardship relates to your current financial situation in regards to spending, saving, and giving.
c. discuss how you might change your personal financial behavior based on a proper understanding of stewardship.
4. your paper should have an apa title page and be in apa format. make sure you reference the textbook, articles, or the bible appropriately when it is used as an information source, and include a references list for sources you cite in your paper. cite your textbook at least once in support of you responses . use section headings in your paper: a. biblical stewardship, b. spending, saving and giving, and c. the unexpected.
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