personal finances

Project Description:

1. watch part one of the video surviving financial meltdown (from the included dvd). after watching the video, think about the following questions:
a. spend less than you earn: what are some areas in which i can reduce my spending?
b. avoid the use of debt: is credit card use or other types of debt a problem for me? if so, what realistic and practical changes can i make to reduce my use of debt?
c. save for the unexpected: do i have enough money saved in order to meet an unexpected event? what can i do to increase my saving?
d. set long-term goals: what goals do i need to set for my [my family's] financial future?
2. after thinking about these questions, write a one to two page paper in which you express, in your own words, a summary of the biblical view of money and how it applies to your current situation.
3. your paper should have an apa title page and be in apa format. make sure you reference the textbook, articles or the bible appropriately when used as an information source, and include a references list when you cite sources in your paper. cite your textbook at least once .
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