personal growth vs organizational growth taxonomy

Project Description:

your instructor will assign one or more of you to lead the discussion, as well as to provide a synopsis of the discussion for submission the final day of the module.

in this task, you will compare and contrast the tools used to create your strategic business analysis (course project) with the tools that could be used to create a personal growth plan. if you have used the total professional advantage 2.0® seminar (tpa), you may use your lifelong learning/vision achievement plan that you created as part of tpa for this task. also, you will summarize how these tools relate to your achieving your personal goals.

throughout this course, you are expected to bring the knowledge and skills you have gained from other courses in the mba program into the forum discussions.


if your instructor has assigned you to lead this discussion, make an initial post identifying the topic in the course forum to begin the discussion.
if you have one, review your lifelong learning/vision achievement plan that you created in the total professional advantage 2.0® seminar. if you have not used tpa and don't have an equivalent plan, include content on how you might develop a personal growth plan and what tools you would use to build your plan.
create a table comparing and contrasting personal growth strategy tools (such as those used in the total professional advantage 2.0® seminar) with organizational strategic analysis tools (used in this course and some others in the mba program).
the chart should include the different personal and organizational tools, a description of each tool, and the tool's application.
in a summary (one to two pages), explain how these tools relate to you achieving your personal goals.
post your work to the forum by tuesday of this week. include citations and references (in proper apa style) for your sources.
return to provide substantive feedback to three of your fellow students' postings. agreeing with your fellow students' posts will not suffice – provide both positive and negative feedback pertaining to the post.
if you are the leader for this discussion, check in periodically to monitor the discussion and keep it on track. by the final day of the discussion, post a synopsis to the course forum.
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