persuasion across culture

Project Description:

analyze the persuasive e-mail message to eleanor tran at host marriott, provided here, by answering the following questions in 500 words:
what techniques are used to capture the reader's attention?
does the writer use direct or indirect organizational approach? why?
is the subject line effective? why or why not?
does the writer use an emotional or a logical appeal? why?
what reader benefits are included?
how does the writer establish readability?
what tools does the writer use to reinforce his position?
using the country you have researched for your project, analyze how you would need to change the persuasive elements of this message if it were going to a representative of host marriott in that country instead of the u.s. for example, is recycling a significant concern in the country you have been researching? would this message be persuasive to someone there?
submission requirements:
submit your response in a word document.
use arial, 12-point font.
use double-spacing.
follow apa writing style.
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