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currently, as you learned in “kidney for sale” by mark cohen, it is a felony in the us to compensate a kidney donor with money. similar restrictions are placed on kidney donors in the uk, as you also read. sally satel has argued that the way to fix the shortage of organs in the transplant system is by offering monetary compensation for kidney donors and creating a market system. (people can comfortably live with just one kidney, and the operation to remove a kidney from the donor is relatively low-risk. of course, it's still significant surgery!)

here are some questions to contemplate in your post this week. it's not necessary to answer all of them in order--these are questions to start your thinking. would it be morally correct to buy and sell kidneys from live humans, humans who volunteered to sell their kidneys and were not coerced or tricked? why or why not? if not, is it ok to give your kidney away? why would giving it away be different? if so, are there any things that it’s not morally correct to sell? is it ok to sell eggs or sperm? is it ok to rent a uterus (as in surrogacy)? is it ok to grow and sell your hair? is there a difference, morally, between buying and selling? if some of these exchanges of body for money are morally acceptable, but others are not, why?
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