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prof bill, let me know if you are available to solve these problems within 12 hours from now.

1) the efficiency of a carnot engine is 29.5%. what is the temperature of the cold reservoir if the temperature of the hot reservoir is 534 k? 2) the monthly (30 days) electric bill included the cost of running a central air-conditioning unit for 3.3 hrs/day at 5000 w, a series connection of ten 60-w light bulbs for 4.5 hr/day, and a hair dryer for 0.20 hr/day at 1875w. assuming the power company charges 8.9 cents for each kilowatt-hour of electricity used, how much did each item contribute to the cost of the monthly electric bill? 3) a coil is wrapped with 282 turns of wire on a square frame with sides 12.2 cm. a uniform magnetic field is applied perpendicular to the plane of the coil. if the field changes uniformly from 0.97 t to 0 in 8.2 s, find the average value of the induced emf. 4) the length of a spaceship is 87 m when it is at rest. if the spaceship travels by you with a speed of 0.72c, what length does it appear to you?
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