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two long parallel wires carry currents of 2.4 a, exert a repulsive force per unit length on each other of 1.5 x 10-5 n/m. are the currents going in the same direction or opposite directions in the wires? what is the distance between the two wires? 2) a coil of wire with 181 turns has a cross-sectional area of 0.079 m2. a magnetic field of 0.40 t passes through the coil. what is the total magnetic flux passing through the coil? 3) a real object is 14.3 cm to the left of a thin, diverging lens with a focal length of magnitude 18.1 cm. what is the location of the image? 4) light of wavelength 518 nm falls on a double-slit and the third order bright fringe is seen at an angle of 5.0°. what is the separation between the double slits?
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