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pictures on the godevelop and test a python program that determines how many images can be stored on a given size usb (flash) drive. the size of the usb drive is to be entered by the user in gigabytes (gb). the number of images that can be stored must be calculated for gif, jpeg, png, and tiff image file formats. the program output should be formatted as given below.enter usb size (gb): 4xxxxx images in gif format can be storedxxxxx images in jpeg format can be storedxxxxx images in png format can be storedxxxxx images in tiff format can be storedthe ultimate file size of a given image depends not only on the image format used, but also on the image itself. in addition, formats such as jpeg allow the user to select the degree of compression for the image quality desired. for this program, we assume the image compression ratios given below. also assume that all the images have a resolution of 800 3 600 pixels.thus, for example, a 800 x 600 resolution image with 16-bit (2 bytes) color depth would have a total number of bytes of 800 x 600 x 2 = 960,000. for a compression rate of 25:1, the total number of bytes needed to store the image would be 960000/25 5 38400.finally, assume that a gb (gigabyte) equals 1,000,000,000 bytes, as given in figure 2.1.note that a “lossless” compression is one in which no information is lost. a “lossy” compression does lose some of the original information.
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