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you have done excellent work for me in the past and i have come to trust you and totally rely on you to produce plagiarzed free work. this is the second time you have completed an task for me and it has massive amounts of plagiarism. i researched the sources and you took whole paragraphs from the paper you submitted to me.
plagiarized sources:
1. sociolgyessay (lowering the drinking age).

2. secondly, the first paragraph of the paper was word for word from another paper. drinking age lowered to 18 - essays
one of the prime points of view that you will come across on today is what the legal drinking age in the united states of america should be. today in the usa the legal drinking age is twenty-one, but why twenty-one why not eighteen or thirty? why have a drinking age of twenty-one in this country when there are over two hundred other countries that have lower drinking ages, and not any that have higher? who gets to decide the age at which someone is grown-up enough to consume alcohol? all these questions and more have been used to both keep the drinking age twenty-one and lower it to eighteen.

i know this site provide the services that assist in writing tasks. what you did was deceitful and misleading. you took a complete paper written by someone else and presented it to me without citied or rewriting any parts of the paper. the first piece of work you did for me i receive an “f” for the final grade. this paper is a final grade and i could have been expelled from the institution.
you are a very bright individual and i wish you much success. it seems we have to end our relationship at this time and refunded my $30.
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