planning business reports (need this by sunday 10:00am)

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i how are you? i know its been a while. i have two assignements for you . please let me know if you can complete them. here is the first one. please if you have any questions please let me know.

choose at least two publicly traded companies and view their annual reports on the web. print them out so it's easier to read and make notes on them.

using the guidelines you have just studied, write a 1-2 page summary of how their reports are organized and how graphics are used. which do you think is the most effective presentation? which communicates to you the best? how is that done? if, in your opinion, one communicates a clear message better than the other, suggest what the other company could learn.

website to use:

1. select chapter 12
2. then click on student powerpoint. (pages24-36)
3 te companies are target and fedex.
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