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textbook: health care finance: basic tools for nonfinancial managers, 3e - open resource.
by: judith j. baker & r.w. baker

what i need done: create an annual budget for the health center described below using excel

you have been hired as the manager of a community health center. this health center provides medical care to children.  one of your first tasks is to develop an annual budget for the health center.

in order to develop an accurate budget you know you need to get some facts.  you ask around to see what kind of information you can gather. this is what you find out:
the center pays rent of $12,000 per month.
the center has a number of full-time staff members:  4 physicians, 6 clinical staff members and 8 administrative staff members.
the center has to occasionally use part-time workers or pay overtime when patient volume is high.
the center sees about 3,000 patients per month.
medical supply costs seem to run about $2 per patient.
unfortunately, that's all that you can find out on such short notice.  nobody seems to have any more information.  you know that this is not enough information to build a proper budget, so you will need to make some assumptions to get the job done.  you are comfortable with making assumptions because you know that it is ok to incorporate assumptions into a budget as long as you clearly identify the assumptions when you present the budget. 

you go home to review your old health services finance text to see if there is anything there that can help you.  you find chapter 15 and begin to read.  luckily, you come across exhibit 15-2 (page 175) which provides a checklist for building a budget!  you also find table 15-4 (page 174) which shows you what a typical static budget looks like. you open a new excel file and begin.
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