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read "acquainted with the night" by robert frost and describe the images used in the poem. please do not use any outside sources. i need a simple response paper and support your point with quotes from the poem itself. this paper requires very close reading of the poem and your own critical analysis.

what is an image? even poets have found this difficult to define. there are visual images and auditory images. you are most familiar with them for you see these every single day in today's advertising. we are surrounded with images on a daily basis. this is a response paper. therefore, i leave you to find what you think are images in “the haunted palace” by edgar allan poe and support your selection.

this is a three- page paper. please use the mla heading for your paper. double space the heading and the body of your paper. use times new roman 12 for the font. use one-inch margins all around on all sides. indent all paragraphs one-half inch. do not bold
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