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need two papers of the same order but totally different ideas, because it's for two different students in the same class

1. ellis and nelson. debating the presidency. sage/cq press, 2010, (2nd edition). isbn 978-1-60426-565-1.

attached the links , but try to get the full ebook.


and write a (critical analysis ""word by word"" ) , and use at-least three or four excerpts or quotation from the book in each paper of the two. (5.5pages/ each paper) ,mainly talk about the article and the writer point of view and write wether you agree with him or not ? and why? and write critical analysis

this is an task is in a political science class called (the american presisdency ) so initially read briefly about the books to familiarize yourself with the topic, and be sure to write about the following in a relevant way to the course contents, and please write from international student point of view because i'm not american. so please use an easy language and don't use too big words that make the professor feels it's not my own work. note that my other friends is ordering the same order so please write a different one for me!!!
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