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the year is 2017. ukraine has been admitted to the eu and has formally applied for membership in nato. russia’s support for ukrainian separatists and russia’s ongoing international political struggle to retain the crimean has led to an annulment of the 2014 geneva pact.

citing persecution of russian minorities in the ukraine, at 0530l, the russian president announced that four russian mechanized infantry divisions, supported by tactical air support from the russian air force crossed the border in a general invasion of ukraine. at approximately 1100l key government buildings in the capital of kiev were bombed and the us embassy was destroyed. although russia has apologized for this accident, the timing and amount of destruction suggest that the embassy was specifically targeted.

casualties include the us ambassador and most of the senior us embassy staff as the attack took place at on a weekday. to compound matters, the us was hosting an emergency meeting with the staffs of several key eu/nato nations from embassies in kiev. the dead also included officials and their staffs from the british, german, polish and romanian embassies.

as the chairman of the us joint chiefs of staff, you have been asked to prepare a four page decision brief outlining a recommended us response to the russian invasion.

the secretary of defense has asked you to site historical examples from the post-wwii era, including korea and vietnam to support your recommended course of action. he also warns you that the president is very mindful of public opinion so soon into her first term.

decision paper (3 page long)
this is a decision paper and there is a specific format for this type of paper, it is important that you follow the correct format.

paragraph 1. purpose: (briefly state the issue or problem being addressed.)

paragraph 2. recommendation: (clearly state recommended decision. quantify dollars, manpower, and equipment, if involved.)

paragraph 3. assumptions: (state assumptions, i.e., it is assumed that nato will follow the us lead. if there are no assumptions, state, "none.")

paragraph 4. facts: (this paragraph should be the bulk of your paper – perhaps 1/2 – 2/3 of the total length.)
a. background. (provide sufficient background to clearly frame the issue or problem, and support any assumptions in paragraph 3.)
b. facts. (provide sufficient facts, pro and con, for the decision maker to accurately evaluate the recommendation in paragraph 2.)

paragraph 5. rationale for recommendation: (the assumptions, if any, and facts should support the recommendation in paragraph 2.)

paragraph 6. impact of success or failure: (state the results of putting and not putting the recommendation into action.)
paragraph 7. conclusion. (restate (don’t simply cut and paste) your recommendation from paragraph 2.)
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