political science: europe's immigration turmoil

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the topic is: europe's immigration turmoil
just want someone to do the research paper for political science. the paper should be at least 5 pages and format should be times new roman. besides the web side i gave to you you can add another government web side. i want that in simple english. for the discussion you have to pro that means agree with the topic. you have to support that topic don't be negative. the chapter to read doesn't fit in the attach and i don't know how to sent it, if you have and email i can sent it there it is only 29 page to be read. the questions to answer are here

complete all sections listed below

1. read the chapter to which you have been assigned.

2. state the position that you will be taking on this issue and identify several reasons why your position may be the best to hold.

3. determine which us government agency or agencies are responsible for addressing the issue you addressing. what have they done and what are they doing regarding the issue that you are addressing?

4. with the help of the following us foreign policy websites:
a) describe and discuss the america’s foreign policy concerns of the us
in each of these nations. [please do not guess as to what you think the us foreign policy is]. undertake to research the policy as it is articulated by our government and documentations in official foreign policy briefs.

5. discuss the position of at least two key international institutions [such as the un, the wto etc] on the issue that you are addressing.

6. conclude by arguing for the best position that should be taken on the subject that you are discussing.

a) review the chapter that you have been assigned.
b) use information from the state department reports http://fpc.state.gov/c18183.htm
c) use information from government websites to support your presentation:

or locate government web sites directly from the internet.
if you need more information please tell me
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