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1- the containment strategy was focused on limiting

-expansion by the soviet union
-japan’s influence after world war ii
-european intervention in the western hemisphere
-germany’s influence after world war ii

2 policies pursued in response to the great depression under president franklin d. roosevelt in the 1930s represented a significant step:

-away from the laissez-faire economics
-toward the laissez faire economics
-away from federal government intervention in the economy
-toward reducing federal government agency management of the -economy

3 which of the following tools is used by federal reserve to regulate the nation’s money supply and control interest rates?

-discount rate
-reserve requirements
-selling u.s government securities
-buying u.s government securities
-all are correct

4- which of the following represents a foreign policy constitutional power of the president and the executive branch?

-negotiating ( sign) treaties
-declaring war
-power found the army and navy without the consent of congress
-giving consent to ( the final approval to take office)appointments like the secretaries of defense and state

5 the amount of money the government spends in a year, above and beyond what it brings in through taxation and other means specifically refers to

-the gross domestic product (gdp)
-the annual deficit
-the public debt

6 which of the following statements is true regarding social security?

-social security is funded with the general tax revenues of the federal government, just like other social programs

-currently, fewer workers support each social security beneficiary compared to when the act went into effect

-social security is a completely means tasted program

-the social security program is a good example of monetary policy

7 when did the u.s. grand strategy of ‘‘isolationism’’ come to a permanent end?

-after the u.s. civil war
-after world war i
-after world war ii
-after the cold war

8- the north atlantic treaty organization (nato) in 1949 was an alliance between the united states, canada, and

-western european nations
-asian nations
-latin america
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