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pol 190 introduction to comparative politics
department of political science

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format: essays must be double-spaced; use 12 point fonts; use 1-inch margins
 each essay should be not less than 4-5 double spaced pages
 answer each question completely: all parts of each question are equally important. answer each essay question in separate essays: do not combine your responses into one essay
 use all of the relevant readings/course material: drogus/orvis, articles, notes. do not use material from any other source: use the material assigned/required for this course.
 provide author/page citations to demonstrate your familiarity with the assigned readings. use the system of citation with which you are most familiar
 add a separate title page with your name.

1. globalization and development: globalization has transformed economic and political relationships over the last 40 years. a) describe and explain the main features of globalization, and identify the main consequences (both positive and negative) of this process. b) based on a comparison of china, india and african countries, discuss the impact of globalization in the three cases: what policies have led some states to be successful in achieving growth and development? c) what obstacles stand in the way of each of these countries?

2. political institutions: institutions have important effects on politics in democracies. using a comparison of india and brazil, discuss the impact of the combination of political institutions (i.e. federal vs. unitary, and parliamentary vs. presidential system). a) what factors affect the power of the executives (prime ministers and presidents) in each country? b) how are elected officials held accountable in each country? c) how do differences in the number of veto points affect how policy is made in each country?
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