politics and news media

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1. weekly task:
this doesn't need to be too long :) around 1.5-2 pages is fine
define mass media. define news media.
where did most americans get their news until 1960? what changed in that decade? what is currently happening to newspaper circulation?
what percentage of americans listen to the radio daily?
what factors limit media influence on public opinion?
what role does the press serve in politics?
what has diversification of the news media done?
where is the news media most influential? why?

2. why is the process for a bill becoming law so complicated? is this intentional?
what is your view of this process? explain.
this one can only be one paragraph like a discussion. like not more then half a page. thx

3.weekly task:
this doesn't need to be too long :) around 1.5-2 pages is fine
how many members are there in the u.s. house of representatives? how many in the u.s. senate? how is each apportioned?
what determines how u.s. house of representative seats will be apportioned?
why is congress both admired and criticized?
what seven important functions does congress perform?
what are enumerated powers? implied or inherent powers?
what three types of committees does congress establish?
what does the speaker of the house do? how is she/he selected?
what is a majority leader? minority leader?
what four broad steps must be followed for a bill to become law?
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