porsche analysis part ii

Project Description:

read the porsche case provided in the course materials section and assess the financial performance and condition of the organization. conduct a swot analysis detailing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that may affect the organization. finally, assess the quality of the decisions made by the company and provide recommendations for improvement.

attached is the following pdf and chapter five of the text that explains the swot

all work must be done in apa format
all work must be authentic
work will be checked for grammar & plagiarism
work must be 3-4 pages
all work must be cited in text properly - example: according to harrison (2005) states, "it is always windy outside"(p.23). or it was stated, "it is always windy outside" (harrison, 2005, p. 23).

reference for
what's driving porsche:
henderson, r., & reavis, c. (2009, august 25). what’s driving porsche?. retrieved from https://mitsloan.mit.edu/learningedge/casedocs/08-075-what%27s%20driving%20porsche.henderson.pdf.

05ch management
abraham, s. (2012). strategic management for organizations. san diego, ca: bridgepoint education.
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