porter five forces analysis on united technologies

Project Description:

porter five forces analysis on united technologies, due may 19, 2013
guidelines for public company on nyse or nasdq
thoroughly analyze on united technologies and prepare a five forces analysis summary to united technologies.
•criteria for the paper:
–three to four pages (maximum) of writing analysis, double-spaced, 12 font
–apa formatting; no abstract
–include a 1-page model of your analysis (model of united technologies not a generic model)
–reference page and title page
•analysis is concise, detailed, thorough; accounts for all five forces
•demonstrated understanding of article concepts
•research sources are thorough and appropriate for business analysis
•applies article concepts appropriately to selected business and industry
•prepares five forces model that clearly ties in with analysis
•writing style: concise, clear, master’s level, apa format
•flawless spelling punctuation, grammar; business style writing
•plagiarism free
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