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create a portfolio of 10 stocks. there should be no more than two stocks from the same industry in your portfolio.stocks related to health care.pull stock quotes into excel from msn money. insert a comment on the steps used to pull the quotes. make the comments look colorful, pretty and interesting. perform the following calculations for your portfolio:1) the first line of your excel spreadsheet should contain a proper heading and the date of the task (use an appropriate excel function).

(2) calculate the one day return for each stock (last-prev. close/prev. close). use the autofill feature to copy the formula. use the format feature to convert these returns to percentages. use the currency format for all currencies. round off all currencies to two digits. round off all 52 week high and 52 week low prices to the nearest odd, even or integer (your excel table should contain examples of each of this conversion). insert explanations in the form of comments.

(3) extract any 3 digits (either left or right or middle) from the number of shares outstanding of each stock. assume this is the number of shares of that stock you have in your portfolio. for example, if the number of shares outstanding is 320,630, 612, the number of shares you purchased could be 320. calculated the weighted average return of your portfolio using the sumproduct and sum functions (use the number of stocks purchased as the weights).

(4) write out the stock with the highest return, lowest return, 3rd highest return and 3rd lowest return.

(5) count the number of stocks whose price is <50, 50-100, >100 (use an appropriate excel function).

your work will be graded on aesthetics (spreadsheet should look colorful, neat and pretty), accuracy of your answers and your creativity (use maximum number of excel options).
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