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topic within the general areas either of u.s. policy regarding healthcare or u.s. policy regarding the middle east
write a 3 and half page position paper which supports a clearly stated and well-reasoned thesis. this will require a clear understanding on your part of each term in the thesis statement. an additional page will consist of a works-cited list.

format: begin your essay, which is in 12 point times roman double-spaced. use paragraphs. the first paragraph is an introduction to the main concern you have about your topic, and should include your thesis statement.

in the rest of the paper, provide evidence to support your thesis. be sure to cite your sources according to mla format.

some factors to consider when writing your position paper: you must have a clearly identified topic that is sufficiently narrow. you must take a position within this narrow topic area, develop a well-thought-out thesis statement concerning it, and support it with sound, credible evidence. also, please consider other points of view than your own. anticipate what opponents would say and answer their arguments with counter-arguments of your own. remember, it's ok to argue. in fact, civilization depends on it.
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