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Project Description:

due may21,2015
powerpoint presentation of 10–12 slides with presenter notes
prepare a presentation for the sales manager explaining your training plan to assist the sales team in generating revenue.
select one of the identified needs on which to focus your training plan. develop a training plan.
your presentation should address each of the following components of the training plan
•scope (topics to be covered)
•delivery method ◦address whether or not you will use technology as part of your delivery method. if you will use technology, explain what type and why this is appropriate. if you will not use technology, explain why you have chosen other methods.

•delivery timing
•means of evaluation

using this outline:
1.title slide
2.intro slide
3. types of training for employees
4. recommendations on the training on the company’s sales representatives
5.objectives of the training
6.scope of the training
7.training group sizes
8.method of delivery for the training
9.delivery timing of training
10.facilitators of the training
11.means of evaluation
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