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. affordable care act presentation . you are asked to prepare a presentation that teaches about the affordable care act (aca) law. your audience will be members of your community and will be a wide variety of individuals because it is held at your local library and is open to the public. your audience will therefore include the employed and unemployed, parents of children ages 0-26, elderly, people with special needs, people with pre-existing conditions, people on medicaid, people on medicare, the working poor, and business owners. for this presentation you need cover what the aca is, why we have it, and how it will help these individuals, increase access to the healthcare system, and how it will help these individuals access preventative healthcare. your presentation needs to be organized as the following and must not be more than 20 slides long: slide 1—title page slide 2—goal of the presentation slide 3—objectives of the presentation slide 4—introduce the aca/history/what is it? slide 5—how it will help the employed slide 6—how it will help the unemployed slide 7—how it will help children ages 0-26 slide 8—how it will help those on medicaid slide 9—how it will help those on medicare slide 10- how it will help the working poor slide 11—how it will help those with preexisting conditions slide 12—how it will help business owners slide 13—timeline of the aca (what has already been implemented, what is still to come) slide 14—educate on what the marketplace is slide 15-17—summarize three additional websites that your audience can access further information on the aca and provide the information for access slide 18—conclusion slide 19—references slide 20—additional slide for references if needed note: the purpose of powerpoint (ppt) presentations is to present to your audience while offering education both visually and verbally. your ppt slides need to be clean and crisp in appearance! do not fill your slides with excessive amounts of text and/or poor quality photos (blurry, stretched etc.). instead use quality graphics, photos, charts, graphs etc. that relate the topic you are presenting on that slide. texts should generally be in bullet points. the bullet points are designed to prompt you, as the speaker, as to what you need to cover on that slide when you are presenting. you need to write your text part (what you will say) in the notes section beneath the ppt slide. the notes section will be used to tell me all that you have learned on the topic—thus if you do not use the notes section to write the text/verbal piece of your presentation i will not know fully what you are saying to your audience and you will be deducted points. your ppt presentation must include a minimum of six published and credible sources. the sources need to be referenced on each slide and in the notes section as an in-text citation, and the full reference needs to be on the reference page. please reference all graphics that you use if they are not freeware (i.e.: microsoft clipart is freeware so does not need to be cited). in m14 you will be sharing your ppt’s will your classmates so work hard to make a presentation you are proud of!
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