power point presentation

Project Description:

imagine that your new business is product oriented; either manufacturing or retail/wholesale. describe the supply chain that leads to your end product, and what sort of inventory control process you think would be best for your company and why.

checklist: you will create a powerpoint presentation consisting of a minimum of 8 slides which should include an introduction slide and a references slide.

identify the type of product business (manufacturing or retail/wholesale). describe inputs, operations processes, and outputs.
describe and show (using a simple graphic ) the supply chain leading to production of the product.
outline the best inventory control process for the business and why.
your response should be included in a minimum of 8 powerpoint slides plus a title and references slide, in apa format and citation style. submit your task to the unit 5 dropbox.

view the rubric below for full task details and grading rubric.

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