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Project Description:

resources: www.post.ca.gov or your local public safety agency website

select a city, county, or state budget for your final project.

use the internet to access its prior year annual budget and comprehensive annual financial report.

write a 2,100- to 2,800-word paper in which you cover the organization as a whole, combine concepts from the class, as well as the topics below:

a description and summary of your choice including:
employment/unemployment data
crime analysis data
political, economic, social, and cultural influences to the public budget.
describe the organization's current and future operational policy.
forecast approaches and rationale.
effect public policy and the political process affecting the city or town's budget.
elements involved in the budget preparation, enactment, and execution using some of the elements of new program budgeting techniques.
discuss long-term financial alternatives.

prepare a 15- to 18-slide powerpoint presentation with speaker notes reflecting the major points in your paper, as well as issues involving program budgeting.

format your paper and presentation according to apa standards.
due on saturday 2nd may
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